Thursday, January 04, 2007

United Sux

United Airline Sux. Our customer service nightmare with them continues. After cancelling our flight, sending 400 people into a customer service line with one representative, and having a completely worthless phone system, we finally gave in and flew Delta airlines out of Baltimore so we could make it home for the holidays. Then, to add insult to injury, United lost our luggage for three days after telling us no less than three times that it was "being sent".

We managed to make it to Denver and back without incident (Which means, we were "only" 30 minutes late..."), and the only human being we can reach so far in customer service is when we call after hours and talk to the India call center. So far they haven't exactly been helpful. Fortnately we're back home again, but United stil owes us $1400, and by my account, a free flight or two... which is why I'm proud to announce that Delta Airlines is the new official airline for the Thrashers!

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